Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy Thoughts...on Losing It!

Dear Zarah,

Thanks for the great time online. I really do appreciate the fact that I get the chance to chat with you on YM. As we begin yet another journey in our long distance life, let me just say that I am really happy to have you as my dear friend. We have been friends for so long now and I am praying that this friendship will last for more years to come. Regardless of our time differences, we are able to keep in touch and have maintained real ties that bind. I am always thankful for all the new things that I learn from you and I am looking forward to learning more from you. Whether it may be new and time-tested recipes, tutorials on weblogging, ways to stay inspired and all the other factoids of life that we share with each other time and again. Although I really miss taking to you face-to-face, the online chats that we have surely make up for the long distance between us. Once again, thanks!

As we start another chapter to our quest for a healthier lifestyle, we will start a series you have aptly  labelled as "Losing It!". From our points-of-view, and as how I understand it, we will be posting the food we eat. It's like writing a food journal. The end-result, of course, and in due time is to be able to make wiser food choices and lose the extra weight that have appeared out of nowhere! From my side, I am hoping that I will be able to lose these excess kilos by really being meticulous of what I eat each day and try to post it here as often as I can. Given time and with enough discipline, the goal of reaching a decent weight will be a possibility.

So, here's my food log for today, January 14, 2013: for breakfast: I ate 2 small pieces of pan de sal (without any butter) and drank a cup of coffee. For lunch: I ate a cup of rice and kinunot. For dinner: I ate 2 slices of bread and vegetable salad (minus the dressing) plus some fresh watermelon. I also had a small pack of crackers for my snacks this afternoon. I don't have any idea as to what is the calorie content of the foods that I have consumed today. It's all based on my gut feel that I have eaten less today as I have avoided mindless grazing by drinking lots of water all throughout this day.

Well, these will be for now. I hope to be able to read your updates too. I am sorry I cannot really post any pictures because my digicam has stopped functioning properly for some time now. Thanks for taking the time out to read this post. Have a nice day!



ZJ said...

OMG, you started already! Yesterday I pigged out when I went out with my former colleague. Gah. Keep it up, Sam. I'll catch up with the food diary :D