Tuesday, February 26, 2013 0 comments

just a note

Hello Zarah,
How are you doing today? I am sorry I haven't been able to post anything on our blog these past weeks. I have been unable to open blogger for quite some time. I gave it a try today at the office and it opened. I will try to post some new entries again when I get home.

This will be for now. Have a good day. Take care, always.

Thursday, February 14, 2013 0 comments

Mama, para sa tabi!

Dear Sam,

Guest what?

Your jeepney postcard has arrived. I found it waiting for me at the Post Office (where I am renting a PO box). Thank you, thank you. Here it is, no wear, no tear :)

You'd be happy to know that I featured this postcard in my Postcards Crossing blog. It is a great addition to my Filipiniana collection. Go ahead, have a look!

So, how are you these days? I've seen you aren't blogging as well. As for my situation, for some reason, I could not login anymore to YahooMessenger to chat. I don't know what went wrong. As you know, I'm using Ubuntu-Linux as my operating system. It is a totally different system from Windows but definitely better. The only downside is that I cannot use several programs that are on Windows, and that includes Yahoochat :(

So sorry about this. I hope we can find an alternative to get in touch. Meanwhile, we still have this blog to update (if you're still up to it) or Facebook.

Hear from you soon.