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Weekend Delight

Hi there ZJ,

Another weekend is upon us. I am hoping that yours is going well.

Over here in Naga City, we’ve been having some short episodes of rainfall. And then, like the blink of an eye, it’s all over…and the heat is upon us again. Summer is wonderful, please don’t get me wrong but then, sometimes it just gets too hot to handle. Especially if you’re doing the laundry and hanging the clean clothes to dry when sudden bursts of rain comes beating down again. You can imagine the scenario, right? Oh well, there’s not much use about complaining with how Mother Nature do things her way. J

So, how are you doing today? How’s R, by the way? Do you have any special plans over the weekend? Wouldn’t it be fun to be able to go to the beach? Or have a picnic and take some much-needed rest and relaxation? I am just staying at home, and enjoy the simple amenities that we have here. Hey, sometimes I can’t help but recall the fun times that we’ve had during weekends. How we would take some time off away from the office. We even went to beach by ourselves, just to get away from it all. We’d often have fun eating out and have our fill from a wide array of food choices like: spaghetti, chicken, pizza, mojo potatoes and shakes! Even now, when I think about our escapades, I can’t help it but smile at the memory.

I miss the days when we’d sit down together and really talk, face-to-face. Good thing is we can still catch on what’s happening with each other’s lives through the internet. Somehow, our distance and time differences don’t pose any hindrance to us chatting and sharing even the mundane details of our lives today. Like how we spent yesterday, complete with webcam and a view on the much-anticipated Royal Wedding. It’s just so good that you are there to send me links where I, together with mom, could have a front seat view of the events. Although we miss to catch the Balcony Kiss but still managed to view it via youtube late last night. J

These will be for now, bff! Have a great day and catch you again soon.

Ciao, bella

Sam ini

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Guiding Sam on her first time…

Today has to be one of my best afternoons yet! Never mind the heat, never mind the painstakingly slow Internet connection and the power cut that set us back for more than an hour... in the end, we were successful in what we aimed to do today! Right, Sam? Okay, before some dirty-minded readers think about something else, I just finished an online tutorial with Sam. On blogging via Windows. Too bad Windows Live Writer didn’t work, but then, there’s Microsoft Word to the rescue!

Now blogging is a lot easier, thanks to this feature from Windows. Sam can now publish her posts automatically to her blog without logging in to Blogger. We both don’t have any more excuses about not blogging. We just revived this blog exactly a year after our last post, now, how’s that?

clip_image002Writing a post is as easy as writing a word document from MS Word. You have the flexibility to change your fonts, its size and colour, and play around with so many other elements, especially the pictures. Sounds cool, right? No, it’s awesome! hihihi. I’m glad Sam and I were able to do this together, you know, me walking her though this technical stuffs. I’m glad the Internet connection over here didn’t act up after the power cut, otherwise, I would be embarrassed and we both get frustrated!


It is only available in Word 2007, folks, so you better upgrade your Microsoft Office version, as in now na. I love how blogging is keeping me and my bff in close contact, no matter if we are miles apart and regardless of our time zones.


It’s my first time…

Dear ZJ,

Thank you very much for giving me the chance to "learn" what it feels like to be a newbie in blogsphere again…here, I am looking at you thru webcam and you teaching me patiently as we go along the web…with the various intricacies of technical know-how, I am so satisfied with how you made me wander and walk into the amazing world of weblog…and learn so much in the process. You are always there to teach me new things and you always brought such inspiration in my otherwise drab and lonely existence. The fact that you've always believed that I can do much with every little thing that I already know, makes me want to learn more.

I often say that "when writer meets writer, thank you is often uttered in silence…" but not this time, for so long I've always wanted to, again, voice out my appreciation for you, my dear bff! The times when I am feeling lost and locked in too deep within myself, you are there to provide comfort, love and understanding. The manner that you've touched my heart and my whole being is always an experience I remember even after the chatbox have closed.

And thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Ciao, bella.

Sam ini





hello again!

dear ZJ,

thanks for another update. altho i can't say much about rafael nadal's tennis prowess, one thing's for sure, he is a great player at his age. you wouldn't be rooting for him if he wasn't. i can sense your excitement even all throughout your post, :)

over here, the weather is still nonforgiving, it's almost the peak of summer and the heat is really on! you will literally sweat buckets even after a cold bath or shower. apart from that everything is quite normal, as it is.

well, there will be for now.
take care, always.

have a great day!

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Hello, Sam. I know I promised to write you right away but circumstances did not allow me to. Well, you know me, I’m easily distracted! Hah.


So anyway, if you look at my last post, you will see that it was written last year in the same month (hehehe) and the content was, of course, all about tennis. Hah, it’s no mere coincidence. It is the middle of the clay season in tennis at this time, and of course, I could not miss a single match of my boy Rafael Nadal. He won at the Barcelona Open just last Sunday, his 6th title in Barcelona, beating his compatriot David Ferrer. What a feat for this boy – at 24 years old, he is the second youngest player in the Open era to have won 6 titles or more in two events. The other week, he also won the the Monte Carlo finals – his 7th title.

I hope you don’t get bored when I blabber about tennis. So how are you these days? Did you go anywhere during the Lenten season? I miss the traditional things we Pinoys do during the Lenten. Did you go to the beach? I miss the beach, I miss Kep! It’s been almost a year since we last went there. His schedule won’t allow us, always busy with school. If there was a window of opportunity (finally!) then almost always something would come up. It is better for us to not make plans at all as it’s guaranteed to be broken anyway.

That’s all for now from me here. Oh, by the way, we have a webcam installed and I want to share it with you. The view from that webcam is exactly what I see in one of my windows. If you like to see what’s the weather like, or what’s the traffic like on my side of the world, just click this link and you’ll find out :)

Ciao, amiga. Till next post. Mwah.




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to you, dear bff...

hi zj,
thank you for this new template...and the time to chat, too. guess we can never really have the best of all worlds (i am taking about the climate here, it's super hot). over there, it is too right?

so how is life goin? me, im just here, doing freelance jobs - and doing the errands at home, too. it's just mom and i here, and mostly it's quiet time for me. thanks to the internet, i get to reach olut to the big world out there.

these will be for now.