Friday, June 12, 2009 0 comments

A slice of yum!

Dear Sam,
So finally, I was able to post this for you. The first phase of my consultancy work is already done, and right now, while waiting for the second phase to commence, I am enjoying the spare time through food tripping! Remember, last week I promised to keep a slice of my own version of carrot cake for you. So here it is - lovingly made from scratch! Oh, I am so proud of myself! *lol*

I used two medium-carrots, wheat flour, baking soda, a little bit of sugar, oil, vanilla and an egg. Blend them all together, place in a baking pan and chuck it in the pre-heated oven for an hour or so... et voila -

Out came this rich, moist carrot cake. I topped it with a frosting made from egg white and icing sugar. So here it is... eat it while it's warm. Perfect with a cup of coffee. Enjoy!



P.S. I'll take your offer of a baking marathon when I go to Naga City sometime in the future!