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The Amazing Race Asia 3

Hello po. Ako ni giraray.
Wala lang, sabi ko sa sadiri ko, since quiet ka these days, ako na nguna magpara-post igdi. Mayo man akong masabi ta mayo ako pirmi sa sadiri (nawawala sa sarili) hakhakhak.

Ok fine, I have something to say and it's about the Amazing Race Asia. I have been a fan of the Amazing Race, both American and Asian versions, since its beginning. I followed both programs closely, thanks to AXN beaming the signal up to Cambodia. I hope you are watching the programs, or at least familiar with it, para maka-relate ka man sa pigsusurat ko... *lol*

Gusto ko lang sabihon na -- I am happy that Geoff and Tisha are finally stepping up to the plate. They were the first team to arrive at the pit stop for two legs in a row! O di ba, when they stopped fighting a lot, nagmaray an performance kan duha. I know, a lot of people don't like Geoff because he is rude and arrogant and treats Tisha badly, but, as Tisha said, it's him that makes Geoff Geoff. In fairness to Geoff, he readily admits to his arrogance (ano'ng magagawa niya daa ta he was born that way?) and immediately apologizes to Tish for his harsh treatment of her.

Anyways, maray ta the two have finally found their groove, much to the dismay of the Malaysian siblings Bernie and Henry who were eliminated in the last episode. Yielding Bernie and Henry proved to be good strategy for Geoff and Tisha. It gave them the lead they needed and eventually put them to the first place. Yun nga lang, naanggot na maray an magtugang ta pig-yield sinda. They even called the pair "scums" in frustration and vowed to crush them once they had the chance. An hapot ko lang, why would they be enraged over being yielded when in fact it is within the competition rules? Sila na mismo nagsabi na they joined the race to win the money and not to make friends. For sure, kung sila an nasa lugar nina Geoff and Tisha, they will also use the yield. Kaya ayan tuloy, na-karma sinda... eliminated tulos.

From the original 10 teams, only 4 remain and they are: Geoff and Tisha, AD and Fuzzie, Ida and Tania, and Vince and Sam. Would there be more pre-determined non-elimination legs in the coming legs? Would Vince and Sam be able to catch up? And more importantly, would lady luck still be with Geoff and Tish to maintain the lead? We'll soon find out. In next week's episode. Meantime, I'll show some nationalistic support - go, go Team Manila!

What do you think, Sam?

Hope you'll have a great weekend.

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If the Blowfish Shoe Fits

Hi Sam!
I can see you smiling broadly now *lol*. Indeed, those were the most memorable moments of my whole stay in Naga City. Of course, I fondly remember that afternoon of going AWOL from the office and basking under the sun and swimming in the warm waters of Pasacao. That was also the time when we were preparing for the grand launching of ABS-CBN Naga and we were fretting over what to wear during the party with our guests from the Manila office. While our evening dresses were sponsored, thanks to that sosyal boutique somewhere near the Naga Hotel (was it called Samantha Boutique? I don't remember now.), I remembered agonizing over what shoes to wear on that occasion. You know me, I am your usual sneakers type of girl and my shoe collection is consisted of, well, mostly sneakers. I don’t really care about other kinds of shoes as I am always partial to comfort and durability.

Years go by, and after switching jobs, my preference in shoes changed. From being clueless, I now look for styles that match my clothes but I still kept my love affair with sneakers. Have you ever stumbled upon Blowfish shoes? If you haven’t, then by no means, go and have a look at the fashionable Blowfish women shoes - quick - available in different designs, gorgeous styles and vibrant colors. I find myself drooling over the casual shoes collection, they are so eye-candy and oh-so-comfy; when I moved on to their boots and booties section – gosh, they’re so hot and funky – a sure must-have for girls with shoe-addiction. Looking for something unique? There’s an amazing collection of Blowfish designer shoes. Blowfish shoe designers are the same designers of Esprit, Aerosoles, David Aaron, just to name a few. Having said that, the shoes are surprisingly affordable – no wonder they’re all selling like hotcakes in Europe and Australia and fast catching up in America. I can only dream of having a pair myself - how I wish they have a retailer here in Asia, or, perhaps, ship as far as our side of the world. So for now, let’s just dream and drool at the shoes on their site, hah.

Till next.

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Nice Talkin'...Soon

Hi Zarah,

Oh yes, I remember all our adventures! But there's one vivid memory in my head that makes me smile each time. That afternoon when we went to a nearby beach! What a treat! The sun beating down on our heads and feet, good company, walang baon (hehe), a rented floating cabana and freedom from office pressure. See, I'm smiling now!
Fun times, really. All worth going back to, even just inside my head. And I'm looking forward to creating more happy memories with you soon. Kodak moments. If the December plans don't push through, I'll do my best to spend next year's Holy week with you. I can't wait to taste the exotic flavors of Cambodia, see the amazing sights, experience the rich culture and see you again.
Since I'm still smiling, what if I take my special guy to travel with me? I've told him about the trip. As a dare, I even invited him. What he did was to ask me: "Are you coming back? Or are you staying there for good?". I'm not sure if he wants to join me or not. That is his decision to make. The least I did was to invite him.
Regarding shopping online, I think it's one of the Web's finer points. I haven't tried it, simply because I don't have a credit card. I don't have anything against plastic's purchasing power or those who have credit cards. It's always be my choice to pay in cash. Baduy ba? hehe.
Until next post. Take care, always.