Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Up For Air

Hi Zar,

Yep, I'm taking a breather to post my reply. Please excuse my silence for the past weeks. Been working on overdrive, catching deadlines, dealing with a nasty co-worker, dealing with life and other extra after work raket. Well, you know...stuff.

I hope that R's ok now. Glad to know that you guys have a first aid kit at home. It's your easiest, fastest and best line of defense against ultra-emergencies. That and taking care of yourselves.

Speaking of which, I think I've not been able to look after my well-being lately. Still having the sniffles, really bad headaches and feeling icky. I'm actually looking for a cute single guy to pass on this virus, hehehe. Just goes to show how toxic my workplace is - even my mind gets filled with crappy thoughts like these.

Wish I could enjoy the perks you get at work, travel and all. (Altho I get unlimited broadband access at work, it's like being in another world without leaving my desk). I won't mind going to the beach on a midweek! (It's been raining buckets here!) Or being part of a group that creates virtual networking. (Some folks I work with don't have SIR - Smooth Interpersonal Relationship) skills. I bet you don't even get to hear swear words all the time out there! (Swear words add color to my working world, to say the least, even when I'm not exactly the recipient.)

Other than that, and all the crazies in between...Andito ako.
Take care,

By the way, I like the blog award. Nice touch. And the adverts, keep 'em coming!