Monday, October 1, 2007

Coffee Bliss

Hi there, Zar!

Over the weekend, I found out that muscovado sugar is best for coffee , even if it's instant coffee you prefer or brewed (if you enjoy a sweeter cup, that is). Since then (well, it's only been like two days ago), I've upped my usual daily consumption to 3-4 mugs. That's quite a small amount to drink (as other coffee-holics would say). Coffee is bliss for me. It has flavanoids and anti-oxidants which are good for the heart. When siesta hour strikes, coffee perks me up. When I feel sad, coffee keeps me warm inside. I like the buzz it leaves inside my head, hehehe. Coffee-dating even has a nice ring to it. What's a better partner to heart-warming conversation than a shot, a cup, or a mug of this rich concoction (whether it's iced or scalding hot)?

I could go on and on about coffee...but then, what is coffee without having Zar around to share it with? Well, we found a way to share cups, send each other different variants and even compare notes about this or that particular brand. Altho we are not on the expert level yet, we're able to tell whether our daily dose is good or just average. And that coffee talk makes up for the miles between us!

Yep, coffee.
How about a cuppa, Zar?