Tuesday, November 6, 2007

You're Tagged: What's In Your Bag?

Hi Sam. I was tagged by a blogger-friend (in my other blog) to reveal the contents of my bag. I got hold of her tag two Wednesdays ago, just as I was preparing to leave town again for another fieldwork. I promised her I would do it but I was delinquent on this one because of the many other things - all screaming at me to be completed at the same time.

So what's in my bag, you ask?

There were loads of stuffs in my bag, especially that I was leaving town at the time I was asked to reveal what's in it:

1. Backpack for the laptop (and everything else!)
2. Camera and camera bag
3. Eyeglass case
4. Organizer
5. Wallet
6. Mobile phone
7. Laptop (partly covered)
8. USB Flashdisk
9. Laptop charger
10. Mouse
11. Batteries
12. Battery-operated (mini) fan
13. Flashlight
14. Revlon Just-Bitten lip color
15. Pens
16. DVDs
17. House-keys
18. Virgin Mary of the Lourdes, a present that R brought from Lourdes, France when he was on a cycling trip of Europe
19. Cross prayer, from my mother

Other miscellaneous items, like toiletries, clothes and other stuffs were in my other bag. I know, friends and colleagues kid me about this habit of mine, carrying my whole house in my bag. But I do get bored or I don't fall asleep easily when I am away from home (especially on the first nights) so I bring with me DVDs to lull me to sleep. I used to bring hankies, too, but stopped doing so because I lose them all the time. Natak-an na ko sige bakal bag-o. I got too frustrated buying new hankies to replace the lost ones, only to lose them again. Anyways, on ordinary workdays, I just bring with me items #2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 15, 17, 18 & 19.

I thought it was fun doing it, especially that I have been always curious about what people have in their bags. So I thought, you should answer the tag, too. Come on, Sam... do tell :)

Also I would like to know what things our friends Armie and Roselle.