Monday, November 19, 2007

Postin' It!

hey ZJ,

sorry for being so out of touch again. i didn't mean to, it's just that too much technical stuff (mostly ISP-related), the pc needed to be reformatted, things at work, my never-ending to do lists, and trying not to fall too deep in matters of emotional attachment (if that is possible!).

since we've done YM earlier, i've told you about these mixed emotions right? i'm on a trippin' mood. it's like being in high school all over again. i think the word is: tuliro! hehe, that's the word! like you've told me this morning: give it time. give him time because he could just be waiting for the right time to tell me whatever he wants to tell me. give myself time. oh well, since i haven't seen the guy for 8 months, i think i could still hold out for a bit more time. patience is always a virtue.

also, safety first is key. in anything. anywhere. anytime. good that both you and R have looked into insurance. it's a practical investment. it's ok to start on lower premiums because you always have the option of being able to increase your monthly contributions in time. it earns dividends, too. just be sure that you're getting your money's worth by way of legit financial planners or underwriters (or whatever fancy names they have now for insurance agents).

these will be for now. i will be posting my reply to your tag soon - after i've re-installed the software i need to be able to upload my pictures.

until then, amiga.