Friday, December 7, 2012

hello there, z!

hi, z! thanks again for the fun time online. it is always good to chat with you. somehow, the chats we have are enough to get me through the humdrum of my daily life. i really look forward to chatting with you each time. your perspective is often a source of inspiration for me. the way you say things without too much sugarcoating is a breath of fresh air, each time. thank you for being my dear amiga! we are able to bridge our distance and time differences without leaving our comfort zones.

as you know, the senior citizens here in naga city are given the chance to watch the first screening of a specific movie every monday and tuesday. as such, mom and i often take advantage of this free screening. she gets the freebie while i pay to watch the movie. we often have the chance to watch Pinoy movies, either romance, drama or comedies. the likes which star enchong dee, angelica panganiban, john lloyd cruz, angel locsin, derek ramsay, toni gonzaga and other Filipino actors or actresses. mom's fondness for sometimes corny Tagalog movies is such a fun experience for both of us. sometimes, the local film turns out to be great, other times it is not so great. given a chance, mom would also like to watch foreign films, too. in the era of charles bronson, that is. see? mom has aged gracefully and it shows even in her choice of movies to watch. hehe

with these points in mind, let me share with you some details about the most recent foreign movie that i was able to watch by myself. it's the movie STOLEN which stars nicolas cage and a host of other actors whose names i can't recall but have otherwise performed a good job. i would only like to share my take regarding the said movie. once again, nic collaborates with his Con Air director to star in this movie about heist and some family drama. it has a lot of car chases, with the FBI, shot in New Orleans. nic is montgomery who is also a robber. he, and his partners in crime staged a bank robbery and were able to get 10 million US dollars. but, as fate played a mean joke, nic was apprehended. fast forward to 8 years after the incident. nic was finally out of jail and had to see his daughter. the daughter says that she has adandonment issues and refuses to have anything to do with her dad, nic. nic meets up with his former partners in crime who have turned new leaves in their lives in order to catch up with what's new. one (josh lucas) kidnaps his daughter and keeps her inside the trunk of his taxi. josh wants his share of the 10 million dollars which is close to impossible because, nic threw it all in the trash where it burned to ashes before he was caught by the police 8 years ago...

i am leaving the parts as to let the excitement build. what happens next? will there be a happy ending? all ends well for everyone involved? i hope that you get the chance to watch it too, zarah. since we both like nicolas cage, i wish that you will also enjoy it the way i did.

these will be for now. have a happy weekend up ahead. take care, always.
ciao, bella