Saturday, October 18, 2008

If the Blowfish Shoe Fits

Hi Sam!
I can see you smiling broadly now *lol*. Indeed, those were the most memorable moments of my whole stay in Naga City. Of course, I fondly remember that afternoon of going AWOL from the office and basking under the sun and swimming in the warm waters of Pasacao. That was also the time when we were preparing for the grand launching of ABS-CBN Naga and we were fretting over what to wear during the party with our guests from the Manila office. While our evening dresses were sponsored, thanks to that sosyal boutique somewhere near the Naga Hotel (was it called Samantha Boutique? I don't remember now.), I remembered agonizing over what shoes to wear on that occasion. You know me, I am your usual sneakers type of girl and my shoe collection is consisted of, well, mostly sneakers. I don’t really care about other kinds of shoes as I am always partial to comfort and durability.

Years go by, and after switching jobs, my preference in shoes changed. From being clueless, I now look for styles that match my clothes but I still kept my love affair with sneakers. Have you ever stumbled upon Blowfish shoes? If you haven’t, then by no means, go and have a look at the fashionable Blowfish women shoes - quick - available in different designs, gorgeous styles and vibrant colors. I find myself drooling over the casual shoes collection, they are so eye-candy and oh-so-comfy; when I moved on to their boots and booties section – gosh, they’re so hot and funky – a sure must-have for girls with shoe-addiction. Looking for something unique? There’s an amazing collection of Blowfish designer shoes. Blowfish shoe designers are the same designers of Esprit, Aerosoles, David Aaron, just to name a few. Having said that, the shoes are surprisingly affordable – no wonder they’re all selling like hotcakes in Europe and Australia and fast catching up in America. I can only dream of having a pair myself - how I wish they have a retailer here in Asia, or, perhaps, ship as far as our side of the world. So for now, let’s just dream and drool at the shoes on their site, hah.

Till next.